Thought-provoking Quotes, Sayings about War

"War" - its just a simple word, but the meaning and truth that it holds is so deep and it can leave its traces on the people, society for years and years. "War" - its just three letters, but the effects of a war lasts for three decades or even more. This word can be spelt or pronounced easily, but only a person who had experienced a war knows the real meaning of war. Share your thoughts and feelings with the world with our lovely collection of Thought-provoking quotes, sayings about War pictures, images listed here.

    War brings changes in the society, creates history, rewrites the destiny of a country or an empire or the emperor. Here are our beautiful and thought-provoking quotes, sayings about War that you can download and share online for free. Share your thoughts on war with our War quotes and sayings pictures.

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